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Rays of Light and Stardust
September 2022

11 songs. 5 songwriters. A raucous return to the high energy and exciting personality of Desmond Jones. Think Frank Zappa meets Weird Al and has a Ween baby. Funky. Fresh. And Heavy.

Listen today.

Why Not?
September 2021

15 songs, 4 songwriters, 2 special guests (Mark Lavengood, Don Julio), banjo, pedal steel, fiddle, four-part harmonies and more! We are excited to release our newest album, a collective effort recorded by Kevin McKay, mixed and edited by Alex Gauthier, and mastered by GRAMMY-award winner Glenn Brown (Billy Strings),

Our record is available on all major streaming platforms and on vinyl!

Tune in today!

Hello, Helou

Our second full-length studio album "Hello, Helou" is available everywhere! Stream it, save it and share it! This album features 4 different songwriters from the band and is an eclectic mix of our influences and genres!

Listen today and watch the WEIRD music video for "Still Creatures" here!

Order your VINYL COPY today!

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Desmond Jones
October 2017

Desmond Jones is our self-titled debut studio album! After 5 years of heavy touring we finally found the time to get in the studio and lay down 8 original tracks. Recorded at Inmuso Studios with Kevin McKay, mixed by Alex Gauthier, and mastered by Glenn Brown (Greensky Bluegrass, Eminem, Billy Strings), we are so proud of the way the record turned out. This album features four different songwriters from the band and showcases our unique blend of styles and musicality. Listen for fun percussive elements, animal sounds, and more surprises. Enjoy!

Thick Cuts

March 2015

Thick Cuts is one of Desmond Jones' first studio works. This album was recorded in a live setting with Kevin McKay of Inmuso, LLC. With large portions of the songs being improvised in the studio, this album is a great representation of what it is like to listen to Desmond Jones at a live show. Thick Cuts has funk, jazz, rock, blues, and everything in between. This music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and more.

Live Recordings

We are proud to record the majority of our live shows and make them available to our fans for free on Soundcloud and on The Archive. Peruse through our sets on our search and archive feature, find your favorite versions of songs, and compare them to others. Every song is different every time we play it which is something that keeps the music and tunes fresh for us as musicians, and our fans as listeners. For a recent, live, soundboard quality show, check out our headlining show from Otus Supply in Ferndale on May 26, 2022.

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 11.49.41 AM.png


January 2013

Marketplace is our first ever recorded material! Though we've come a long way from this recording we still keep all of these songs in constant rotation during live shows. This EP is available only on our Bandcamp.

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